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a Painted Lady towards the end of my walk 21 species had been seen, a total achieved without the assistance of Small Heath,. Great content and amazing experience. Other butterflies 5 Holly Blue, 1 Peacock, 12 Whites (mainly Small). One Purple Emperor or White Admiral (it was one or the other!) briefly flew by Philip Barron 27 Jun Late afternoon circular walk across Batchworth Heath, through Bishops Wood and along the Golf Course. Therfield Heath: the east end was packed with butterflies this morning and, for once, a bit of variety. We look forward to you joining us at CoderCruise 2018 this year! We are looking for speakers and instructors to give talks and hands-on classroom sessions. Findings being White Admiral x 4, Silver-washed Fritillary x 8, Purple Hairstreak x 8, Meadow Brown x 54, Ringlet x 38, Large White x 4, Comma x 1, Small Skipper x 5, Speckled Wood x 1, Brimstone x 2, Small White x 3 Marbled White. Also a few Brimstones, a single Silver-washed Fritillary and a couple of Common Blues Malcolm Hull 3 Aug Painted Lady in my Stevenage garden at 2:15 pm and surprisingly a Small Copper a minute later - first ever in the garden! Also two Small Coppers darting around too fast to get a picture Miles Attenborough 28 May Hillbrow LGC - A walk around the main site and bridleway: Small Blue x50; Common Blue x11 (including a 'blue form' female Brown Argus x1; Brimstone x3; Yellow Shell. Pleasing to see more Small Coppers.

Irene Oulsnam, Dick Ashfield and I met Daniel, the new Conservation Ranger and learnt about plans to improve the habitat on this excellent site. Diurnal moths: 1 Burnet Companion ; 2 Adela rufimitrella on Hedge Garlic flowers; 1 Common Carpet ; and several Glyphipterix simpliciella (Cocksfoot Moth) on buttercup flowers David Hunt 24 May More butterflies seen off transect than on it, at Roxbourne Rough, Eastcore and saw. Finally we went to Frogmore and despite searching for two hours our final count was 4 roosting Grizzled Skipper all on Forget-me-not!

Monday Tuesday before the conference are filled with multiple full-day training classes taught by experts in their fields. This can make them harder to spot, even with the aid of a torch. Ticket sales will start soon at m ZendCon 2016 With over 250 million PHP applications and websites driven by a global community of more than 5 million active developers, ZendCon 2016 brings you a curated selection of the best experts, training, and networking opportunities. The count here was a poor 3! You will find that phpworld is truly a conference like no other, as it's designed to bring the core PHP community together with the various application and framework communities to spend a week learning from each other. To view the full speaker package and to submit a talk, please visit:.